VanCo School of Art

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Home School 

The goal of these classes is to have a place of community for students who are interested and passionate about art. Please contact us if you would like to set up a time for your homeschoolers or homeschool group to register for classes. 

Through our classes children will develop skills like observation, visual thinking, the ability to recognize and form patterns, and the
ability to problem solve. All of these skills are developed through their continuation in the program while working on their paintings. 

High School Art Portfolio
This course is geared towards high school students looking to develop a strong art portfolio that they can use when applying to art schools. Students are mentored by Instructor Coleen Cosner to help them confidently build a well rounded portfolio ranging from figure drawing, oil painting, and individualism from each student. 

All skill levels in our adult classes are welcomed and encouraged. These classes are specifically geared to provide adults with a creative environment and community. Students run their own learning experience by painting their own themes with Coleen's guidance and instruction.

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