Cirque Du Soleil CORTEO Will Amaze, Entertain, And Make You Laugh!

Review and Behind The Scenes Interview of CORTEO

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid June 2, 2018

Review’s can be challenging. This one was enormously easy! 

So many wonderful elements of Corteo left us amazed and delighted. 

The storyline of Mauro the clown passing away may sound grim, however the images are of his life in review. He relives all his most treasured memories as he transitions into his new “life” as an angel. Several touching, humorous, and beautiful moments show his personality and the love of life he had. My daughter (8) LOVED the show. She was talking about all the great acts and the costumes and the set! She hasn’t stopped talking about it. She enjoyed the bouncing beds and the Clowness balloon dance best. My husband enjoyed just simply trying to figure out all the technical of how the show was put on. The massive chandeliers and rigging the stage to support all the acrobatics from the floor to the ceiling amazed him. For me I enjoyed the whole show. The beautiful costumes, the immensely talented performers, and the storyline will capture the imagination. Truly a blend of beauty, imagination, technical skill both mechanically and physically. The intense skill of the performers throughout the whole show was a something to marvel, and the humor lightened the mood as well – we all loved the Golf scene. 

We recently had the privilege of meeting with Max for a behind the scenes view of Corteo. We got to see a rehearsal, view costumes, set props and all the technical behind what it takes to bring Corteo from the Big Tent to the Arena. 

Cirque du Soleil's cast is created from 16 countries including Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States and Uzbekistan.  

Corteo first premiered in Montreal in 2005 with its debut in the Big Tent. In 2016 it made the transition to the arena. As part of the change from the Big Tent to the arena many adjustments needed to be made to create the same experience and enhance it with some changes. There is a long passage way that was created under the stage that enables performers to cross underneath the stage and repeatedly enter from the same stage side. Some small acts have been added with a small alteration to the original storyline. 

The costumes are amazing and fit with the Cirque du Soleil style of true craftmanship and attention to detail. Each of the 260 costumes are is made with materials that allow the most flexibility and many have their prints applied by silk screening. Swarovski crystals create the sparkle on costumes with stone accents. These are the only crystals that capture the lighting just so with the perfect cuts to create such sparkle. There is much detail in all the costumes and each one is specifically fitted to a performer. They measure each performer meticulously with digital technology and over 200 pin points on the body to ensure a perfect fit. The show travels with a crew of seamstress that mend and adjust all the costumes as needed after each performance. Sizes in clothing vary greatly as to shoe sizes, for example petite shoe size child’s 3 to adult 18EEE.

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